John Brennan Claims He Has “No Problems” Being Investigated By Durham

( During an interview on Fox News on Sunday, former CIA Director John Brennan said that he has no problem with Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham moving forward with an investigation into the Russiagate investigation through 2021.

Brennan worked with FBI director James Comey in the investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election – an investigation that ultimately found zero evidence to back up speculation that the president worked with Russia to win the election.

Durham is set to continue an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, and many speculate that his findings could reveal how the Democrats conspired to accuse the president of a crime he didn’t commit to derail his presidency. Durham was named as special counsel recently by Attorney General William Barr to ensure that the investigation continues even if Joe Biden becomes president on January 20.

“I think that is fine, I have no problems with it,” Brennan said during an interview on Fox. “I do believe that John Durham is going to carry out his responsibilities ably and hopefully not with any political influence.

Brennan then covered his own back, acknowledging that the FBI made “mistakes” with regards to how they used the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in the early days of the investigation, referencing the fact that the Obama-Biden administration illegally spied on the Trump campaign.

He claimed that there was no “criminal intent” and “no spying on Donald Trump’s campaign”.

I know a president that would claim otherwise.

The continuation of Durham’s investigation is important, as recently, FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty after being accused of doctoring emails submitted as part of the evidence used to apply for permission to monitor Carter Page, a former adviser of Donald Trump.

If there was no illegal spying, why were FBI attorneys and officials doctoring evidence to obtain permission to monitor Trump aides?

A report from the Justice Department’s Inspector General also showed how there were major omissions and errors in warrant applications from the FBI, and that the Steele dossier was used to provide much of the “evidence” they needed to investigate the president. The dossier hs been widely discredited.

Despite all this, Brennan suggested that the Russia investigation was warranted but damaged by problems surrounding the dossier.

“There was so much other evidence and intelligence to support those judgments,” he said.

And yet, we have not seen that evidence. Maybe we never will.