John Kerry Supports Bold Carbon Taxes (REPORT)

( Here’s something that won’t surprise you: John Kerry, the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and former Secretary of State under the Obama administration, is calling for yet more taxes on working Americans to combat climate change.

The former Massachusetts Senator told Fareed Zakaria on CNN this week that President Joe Biden should consider “bold” new carbon taxes and to also do a “great deal more than that” to deal with climate change.

It comes just days after Kerry caused controversy for telling coal miners that they should get new jobs manufacturing solar panels, despite no system being in place to help them do so.

Kerry was prompted on the topic of a carbon tax by Zakaria, who asked directly whether he believed it is possible.

“It’s much more than just the burning of fuel for transport,” he said. “You need a carbon tax. Do you think that the United States could do that? That is the simplest price signal that will change, slowly but surely, change the economy. Can we do it?”

Kerry said that, yes, “we could do it I think.”

Biden’s newest climate change adviser said that it is “one option of many things we’re gonna have to consider and may wind up doing.”

“There are many people who make the point, and I personally accept it, that that is one of the most significant, bold steps you can take to actually have an impact in a rapid way,” he added.

But the idea of a carbon tax is controversial, and one that has been criticized by experts for years.

Dr. Steven A. Cohen, the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, has dismissed the idea of a carbon tax as inadvisable.

“Economists love the price signal because they think it’s the only signal,” he told Inc in an interview. “I don’t believe that. Energy is so central to everything we do, so price does not totally explain people’s behavior.”

Cohen explained how the issue of carbon is not a purely economic model, and how making some products and services more expensive might not move people to alternatives but instead simply force people to pay more for everyday goods.

If President Biden implements a carbon tax and forces people to buy electric cars, what will people who can’t afford expensive new electric cars do?

More questions yet to be answered by the Biden administration…