Judicial Watch SUES Governor Newsom Over $75 Million in FREE CASH to Illegal Aliens

(PoliticalLookout.Com)- Conservative legal firm Judicial Watch filed a restraining order against California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom recently, stopping him from handing out as much as $75 million of free cash to illegal aliens across his state.

The temporary restraining order stops Newsom spending the cash, while a lawsuit will attempt to stop him from being able to hand out the money at all. Newsom argues that illegal aliens across California should be entitled to cash in the same way as citizens, and specifically put taxpayer funds aside to help people who entered the country illegally.

Judicial Watch announced the lawsuit on Tuesday. The organization said that they argue the emergency restraining order is necessary because Newsom would immediately begin distributing the cash if no action was taken.

“Judicial Watch’s taxpayer clients asked for a temporary restraining order because Governor Newsom plans to rush plainly illegal direct cash payments, using taxpayer dollars, to illegal aliens,” president of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton announced.

Fitton said that Governor Newsom has “no legal authority” to spend state taxpayer money on cash payments to illegals and that the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus “doesn’t give him or any other politician a pass to violate the law.”

Newsom announced last month that his administration would be putting aside a total of $125 million to help illegal aliens across the state. $75 million would come from the public purse, and a further $50 million came from philanthropic donations.

Isn’t it incredible that California not only has a state governor willing to throw money at people who broke the law but there people are willing to donate as much as $50 million to give to those same people who broke the law?

If Newsom gets his way, illegal aliens who live in California who don’t qualify for federal grants would receive a one-time cash gift of $500, and households can receive as much as $1,000. The Newsom administration estimates that 150,000 adult illegals will access the funds, and that around 10% of the state’s workforce is made up of illegal immigrants.

On Tuesday, Judicial Watch announced how they will argue the governor is exceeding his authority, and that current federal immigration laws mean illegal aliens are not eligible for local or state public benefits.