Just 54% of Americans Think Biden is Capable of Debating Trump

(PoliticalLookout.com)- As presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden continues to struggle in stage-managed interviews and refuses to do press conferences without a teleprompter, Americans are increasingly recognizing the former vice president’s cognitive decline. The 77-year-old presidential candidate can barely remember the names of colleagues and world leaders, resulting in a vast section of the American public expecting him to perform extremely poorly in the debates.

According to a new survey, just 54% of Americans think that Biden is capable of debating President Donald Trump. The Rasmussen Reports poll showed that 36% of voters think he is completely incapable of doing it, and some 11% aren’t sure whether he would be able to do it.

For a man who wants to represent the entire country to have only half of it think he’s capable of debating the current president…well, that’s not so great, is it?

The Rasmussen survey found that, out of the likely voters who responded, some 38% think that Biden has dementia. That ‘s more than a third of American voters heading to the polls in November who think that Biden has a degenerative brain disease that only gets worse as a person gets older. 61% of likely voters also said they think Biden should publicly address the problem, whether that means talking about his possible condition or taking tests to perhaps prove that he doesn’t have it.

Another 68% of respondents said they think it’s important that Biden and Trump hold a televised debate before the election, with respondents saying at least one should be held. 51% of respondents said they believe it is “very important” that the debates go ahead.

As it stands, candidates have agreed to take part in three debates. President Donald Trump’s campaign did try and push for more than three but, perhaps unsurprisingly, Biden’s campaign said no.

So could Biden just back out and refuse to debate? Well, maybe. Media outlets are already suggesting that Biden shouldn’t do it unless Trump releases his tax returns. But it probably wouldn’t sit well with the voters. Some 56% in this survey said they think it would hurt Biden if he refuses to do it.

Let’s see…