Kamala Harris Helped Bail Out 6 Alleged Domestic Abusers By Promoting Far-Left Fund

(PoliticalLookout.com)- Democratic vice-presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris assisted in bailing out six alleged domestic abusers this summer. According to a report by the Daily Caller News Foundation, a bail fund promoted by the senator paid for the men to be bailed out of jail after taking part in violent protests following the death of George Floyd.

Back in June, Harris tweeted a link to the “Minnesota Freedom Fund” with the message, “If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

The bail fund was promoted by various other Antifa and Black Lives Matter accounts and encouraged people to go out and commit crimes during the BLM riots as they knew their bail would be paid for by the fund.

Incredibly, the fund even admitted that they had paid for the release of people who were charged with crimes totally unrelated to the Minnesota protests. That included two men who were charged with strangling victims in the victims’ own homes.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund spent only $210,000 on protest-related bails but spent a total of $3,475,000 on releasing people generally.

The fund said in a statement that they don’t make determinations of paying for bail “based on the crimes that individuals are alleged to have committed” but that they are “taking steps to strengthen [their] internal procedures for ensuring that those [they] bail our receive support, especially if they are in need of housing or medical treatment.

Why did Kamala Harris support a bailout fund that not only implied it would bail out people protesting the death of George Floyd, but also bail out anybody else regardless of the crime they committed?

Interviews conducted by the Daily Caller, along with court documents, show that the fund posted bail for some six men who were all accused of domestic violence. Since then, one man has even been convicted. Two men strangled women in their homes, and another allegedly punches his girlfriend.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund was also supported by a number of popular celebrities, including Steve Carell, Don Cheadle, Ben Schwartz, and Seth Rogan.

Let’s see if Kamala Harris ever apologizes for this…