Kamala Harris Rushes To Georgia To Push Democrat Agenda For Runoff Elections

(PoliticalLookout.com)- Far-left Senator Kamala Harris is headed to Georgia this Monday, ready to push her divisive agenda in Georgia in the hope it will win them the two Senate seats in the January runoff elections. The Biden-Harris campaign announced that the extreme left-winger, who once urged people to donate to a bail fund for criminal rioters, would be making stops in Gwinnett County and the city of Columbus.

The Georgia Senate runoff campaign is particularly important as it could determine which party controls the Senate. If both seats are won by the Democrats, it would tie the Senate and give Kamala Harris the deciding vote, should she become the next vice president. If the Republicans win, it could allow conservatives an important chance to stop extremist policies becoming legislation in the next two to four years.

Currently, Republicans have 50 Senate seats and the Democrats have 46, with the support of two independents.

Democrats are desperate to win the two seats and potentially could pull off a victory in the same way they appear to have done in the presidential election – through mass mail-in ballots, unfair and illegal counting that doesn’t let poll watchers observe, and with vote tabulation machines that judges don’t appear to be all that interested in auditing.

Harris is also encouraging people to vote early in Georgia, which was part of the Democrat scheme to win in the presidential election.

Early votes and mail-in votes were counted without the watchful eye of poll observers, and Georgia’s Republican governor doesn’t appear all that interested in fixing those problems in time for the Sate runoff.

Harris is also poised to appear on “The Reid Out” with far-left TV propagandist Joy Reid from the campaign trail in Georgia.

Will you be tuning in to this super exciting episode?

Me neither.

Republicans continue their fight in Georgia, even with the mail-in voting system still in place. Ivanka Trump is set to make an appearance on Monday with the two incumbent Republican Senators and will stop off in Walton and Fulton counties.