Kanye West Working to Get On Arkansas, West Virginia, and Ohio Presidential Ballots

(PoliticalLookout.com)- Rumors of the death of rapper Kanye West’s presidential campaign are greatly exaggerated, it seems. West might have missed out on appearing in some key states in the 2020 presidential election, but it looks like what’s left of his presidential campaign team is working to meet the Wednesday deadline to appear on the Ohio ballot.

To qualify in Ohio, West will need to gather 5,000 signatures from people who want him to appear on the ballot paper and submit it by 5 p.m. on Wednesday. TMZ reports that West has hired a new team from Let the Voters Decide to help him gather the signatures he needs not just for Ohio, but also for Arkansas and West Virginia.

Let the Voters Decide has put more than 90 people out onto the streets of Ohio, canvassing possible voters and trying to gather the thousands of signatures required by the deadline. It shows that despite the trials and tribulations, and despite the media controversies surrounding his struggle with Bipolar Disorder, West is moving ahead with his campaign.

If you looked at West’s Twitter, you wouldn’t think he was running any kind of campaign at all. The last tweet that seems to reference his campaign is from July 18, which shows a bizarre drawing of what appears to be the White House with the hashtag “#2020VISION.”

According to an unidentified source who spoke to TMZ, Let the Voters Decide is confident that they will be able to gather the necessary number of signatures in time for West to appear on the ballot paper in Ohio. It’s one of four swing states that are considered the most important in every national election. Failure to win Ohio typically means a failure to win the presidency, but in West’s case, it’s more likely that his independent run will impact the ability of one of the two major candidates to win the state.

The only question now is…will West take more voters away from Biden, or from Trump?

West has long been a supporter of President Donald Trump and many have even speculated that his presidential run is an attempt to win over enough black voters to hurt Biden’s chances of being elected in November. West even suggested as much recently, when he said he “can beat” Joe Biden through write-ins in the states where he didn’t qualify to officially be on the ballot paper.