Lauren Boebert Releases Video With Guns In Background Image

( Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado certainly knows how to anger the left, and this week, all it took was sitting in front of a shelf full of guns during an online call to cause a media frenzy.

Screenshots from a live-streamed House hearing that Boebert took part in were widely shared on Twitter this week, with activists and commentators shocked at just how many unsecured weapons were placed on the shelf behind her. But in a tweet on Thursday, Boebert responded to the attacks and said, “Who says this is storage? These are ready for use.”

Anti-NRA activist and commentator Shannon Watts condemned Boebert for failing to properly store the guns behind her.

“Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert has four children. If this is her home, she is clearly not a responsible gun owner,” Watts wrote.

“Guns should always be locked, unloaded and separate from ammunition,” she added.

It’s something that pro-NRA and pro-2A Republicans all over the country would likely agree with, but Boebert was likely trying to provoke this exact reaction from Democrats.

Some Republicans staunchly defended Boebert for triggering the left the way she did, with Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson saying she gave an “epic defense of the Second Amendment with a savage backdrop.”

What do you think – did Boebert do more harm than good? Should she be setting a better example for gun owners?

Or did she trigger precisely the right people?