LIARS: China Claims ZERO Coronavirus Deaths For Whole Month

( As the world still struggles with the spread of the Chinese coronavirus, and countries slowly reopening their economies see infection rates begin to spike again, China is claiming they have achieved the impossible and are seeing no more people die from the virus. This, despite the virus having originated in China.

A new report from the National Health Commission reported only four new cases of the coronavirus in China on Friday, all of which were local cross-infections in the northeastern part of the country. It’s in this region, the province of Jilin, where the virus has been detected. Its origins are, apparently, unknown.

The last death in China, caused by the coronavirus, was reported by the National Health Commission on April 14. Either the Chinese Communist Party has a treatment we don’t know about, or the figures are just…wrong. The country still has a major problem with the virus, and even dictator Xi Jinping admitted during a leadership conference last week that he recognizes the coronavirus as a big problem for the country.

So why the discrepancy?

It comes as the total confirmed cases of the virus worldwide rise above 4.5 million according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker. It also shows that, as of May 16, 307,001 people have died from the virus, though the number is expected to be much higher owing to problems with recording. Including China’s lack of reporting.

If the whole world is still struggling, then what does China have that developed first-world economies don’t?

If we were to believe China, 4,633 people have died and there have been just 82,933 cases of the virus in a country of 1.4 billion people.

China may be manipulating data for several reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that China is a communist dictatorship, meaning it regularly engages in disinformation to protect the reputation (or its perceived reputation) globally. Secondly, China has consistently denied any responsibility in the outbreak of this virus, and if it appeared as if they were suffering any worse than countries all over the world, it may undermine their argument.

It’s not like anyone believes them anyway, though, is it?