MAIL-IN VOTER FRAUD: Votes DISCARDED, Never Counted in Baltimore

( While Democrats continue to push for mail-in voting in the November presidential election, more and more evidence piles up showing just how susceptible the voting system is to abuse and fraud. This week, election officials said that mail-in votes used in a Baltimore, Maryland election were discarded and not even counted owing to a balloting error.

On Tuesday evening, Baltimore voters in the Council District 1 regions went to the polls for their city elections. They chose between incumbent city council official Democrat Zeke Cohen, and a Democratic challenger Paris Bienert. What should have been a simple race ultimately ended up controversial and hotly contested as mail-in voted were thrown away and not even counted as part of the election.

The Baltimore Sun reported how the State Board of Elections said that the mail vendor, Sea Change, didn’t correct an error in the ballot title for the election.

“State officials found the error while proofing ballots during the printing process, and requested SeaChange make the change,” the Board of Elections for Maryland said.

“While the error was corrected in the official voting database, the error was not corrected on a portion of the ballots that were mailed to voters in District 1,” the Board continued. “Due to this inconsistency, vote by mail ballots for District 1 could not be counted properly.”

Despite this, major Democratic politicians and candidates have denied the existence of voter fraud or errors that come as a result of mail-in voting. Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that any problems exist, and so has Stacey Abrams, the wannabe VP candidate who has spent months pitching herself as Biden’s best option.

Both of the Democratic candidates complained to the board over the error and recommended that the state be more transparent about what actually happened, and how the mail-in votes ultimately became worthless.

Problems like this have occurred in other states, too. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, election officials were forced to admit that duplicate ballots were mailed out to registered voters. Problems like these make it easy for voters to abuse the system without anyone ever knowing, and combined with the fact that most states’ voter records are out of date, it could pose a gigantic problem if implemented on a national basis for the next presidential election.