Matt Gaetz Stands Up For Internet Access To People Of All Parties

( Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz slammed leaders of both political parties at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, noting the hypocrisy of lawmakers on the issue of online censorship.

During his speech on the first day of the flagship annual conservative event, Gaetz said that American politicians have no concern about flooding the Middle East with American blood and money in the fight for democracy, but that they won’t do anything at home to ensure everyone has access to the digital public square.

Media outlets went after Gaetz following his speech, with White House Correspondent Hunter Walker describing how Gaetz appeared at a joint event during CPAC alongside Jeff Brain, the CEO of social media network Clouthub. Walker alleged that Brain’s site was used to organize “caravans” of people sent to the January 6 Capitol Hill protest, which media outlets regularly describe as a violent insurrection incited by Republicans.

Brain and Gaetz discussed how “government, big tech, and media are colluding to deprive us of our humanity.”

Gaetz also ventured into the lockdown debate, encouraging leaders to allow young and healthy people to live their lives while the COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out to the most vulnerable people.

“How about we ditch the lockdown governors…and never ditch the American way of life and the American spirit,” he said.

Gaetz also discussed how the future of the Republican Party is populism, stating, “Turns out populism is popular, and everyone can see who the fakes and the phonies are, and where we could find the real deal.”

Gaetz received a huge round of applause after he also called for a “renewed patriotic nationalism in America in technology.”

“That means let’s get our best team together and go whip China. And in politics, it means let’s get our best team together and go whip the establishment,” he concluded.