MSM DIED On Election Night As Steven Crowder Competed With MAJOR Networks

( Mainstream media and news outlets struggled on election night to tower above new media, with conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder competing with major networks during his election night coverage. The conservative comedian and host of Louder with Crowder, which is aired on YouTube and also behind a paywall at The Blaze, hosted a star-studded election night special which has so far had more than 8 million views on YouTube.

The day after the election, as more states were being called, Crowder re-appeared for several hours on YouTube and quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers. At the time of writing, the full coverage had achieved more than 3 million views.

It’s a huge number of viewers and easily matches the numbers pulled in by mainstream media outlets. In fact, the election night stream hosted by Crowder topped all but two of the mainstream networks covering the election results. Fox News, which prematurely called the state of Arizona, had 14 million viewers between 8pm and 11pm on Tuesday. CNN came second – but it wasn’t close. The far-left news outlet had similar numbers to Stephen Crowder’s YouTube audience, pulling in nine million on election night.

MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS all had fewer viewers than Crowder – showing just how far the alternative media space has come since the early days of YouTube. Crowder even managed to beat these mainstream networks despite YouTube throttling the reach of his content owing to all the usual anti-conservative bias you expect from Big Tech.

Crowder has had several battles with YouTube previously. In August of this year, the channel was eventually remonetized after being banned from making money from advertisements on the platform. Though the platform is remonetized, Crowder insists that YouTube does not allow his show to make much money in the way of advertising – hence his paywall show on The Blaze.

If Steven Crowder can pull in these numbers even when YouTube is throttling the content, how big will alternative media be by the next election?