New Jersey Education Board Adopts Extreme LGBTQ Sex Education for Schools

( If you have children in school in New Jersey, now might be the time to consider home schooling. Planned Parenthood and various LGBTQ activist groups applauded the state’s Board of Education after approving their “gold standard” sex education standards.

Garden State Equality, an extremist left-wing LGBTQ activist group, joined abortion provider Planned Parenthood in applauding the sex education standards adopted by the education board which introduce children to more sexual concepts and “queer” relationships from a much earlier age.

In a statement, the groups praise the standards for focusing on “identities” and “consent.”

“The new guidelines and educational requirements featured an updated, more comprehensive curriculum that includes expanded content topics, including LGBTQ identifies and consent,” it reads.

The New Jersey Department of Education celebrated the politicization of children’s classrooms on June 3, too.

“Good morning from the State Board meeting!” a tweet reads. “We started off this morning with a resolution honoring student representative Sahil Gantra,” it continued, before announcing the that “2020 NJSLS were adopted at today’s SBOE meeting.”

“We are so grateful for the collaboration between the NJDOE, educator review teams, and stakeholders for their contribution to the adopted standards,” it continued.

Far-left groups attempted to connect the victory to the death of George Floyd, the African American man who was killed by a police officer in Minnesota during an arrest. A statement described sex education that is inclusive of trans people, and the hundreds of other genders, is an “equity issue.”

“As our nation reckons with the systemic racism and violence against Black communities that is a part of all of our institutions, including our education system, we take pause today to consider how sex education is an equity issue,” it reads.

The New Jersey Department of Education confirmed its commitment to the far-left LGBT agenda in a tweet on June 1.

Why can’t they just teach kids the things they need to know?