New Jersey Gym Owners Have License REVOKED After Lockdown Battle

( Governor Phil Murphy and the owners of Atilas gym in New Jersey have been embroiled in a bitter battle over the state’s lockdown rules for months now. After the owners initially refused to stop customers from coming into their gym, and then later removed their own front door so that authorities could not lock it, the gym owners have now had their license revoked.

The decision was made on Tuesday night to revoke the license from Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti following a city council meeting attended by the mayor. They voted 5-1 to revoke the license of the business, meaning it will be shit for the foreseeable future.

Owner Ian Smith slammed the decision on Instagram, saying they’ve head public officials talk about “science and data” but that they refuse to engage with the science behind the measures taken to keep their gym safe for customers to use.

“We are so confident in our process and in our safety protocol that if you can show us the science and data that proves Atilis Gym in Bellmawr poses more of a threat to the general public than any other place and should remain shut down, we will happily shut our doors,” he said. “We are prepared to lose every single battle along the way to win the war.”

Brave words from business owners who rely on their business succeeding in the future to make an income…though during lockdown, it’s not like gyms are taking in any money at all.

Chris Cuomo, the far-left ideologue who hosts a show on CNN, interviewed Trumbetti and Smith at the beginning of August. Trumbetti tore into Cuomo over his criticism of the president, and laid out some numbers that show Cuomo is misguided.

“You’re knocking Trump because of the total numbers,” Trumbetti told Cuomo. He added that “53.3 percent of the deaths from 0.6 percent of the population” is a “f*cking stat that nobody’s talking about.” The interview his international headlines because of the use of a swear word on the show, and Cuomo got pretty angry about it.

During the same interview, Smith said that the gym is a “place to keep people safe.”

“This is a place where people come to build their immune systems, to build the strength of their body, physically on the outside and inside. This is where people come to relieve stress. This is a place where we have soldiers that have served our country that come to deal with their PTSD.”

Trumbetti also explained that everybody who arrives at the gym will “stand in front of a biometric scanner that takes your temperature.” Then, people take a disinfected pen and fill out a health questionnaire before they enter.

Who wants to bet they won’t comply with the order to shut down the gym following the revocation of their license?