New York Activists Are Buying Ubers For Voters To Go Vote (REPORT)

( A plot orchestrated by New York liberal activists has been revealed this week, which involves cash payments made to Uber drivers to help people arrive at polling stations in the Georgia Senate runoff elections in January.

It constitutes interference in an election by out-of-state activists, relying on the assistance of yet another massive company.

Whatever happened to the Democrats being the party that opposed big businesses getting involved in politics?

Plus1Vote, a millennial activist organization from New York, is spending money on Uber services to send Georgia voters to the polls on January 5, where those voters are presumably expected to vote for the Democrat candidates.

Co-founder of the Plus1Vote organizations, Saad Amer, told the New York Post that he was using Uber to give “free rides to the polls” and to “drop off absentee ballots to ballot drop boxes.”

Those are the same ballot drop boxes that proved controversial in the November presidential election as they are largely unmonitored boxes left in the public which could potentially be tampered with.

The organization makes it clear that they support the Democrat agenda, too. Plus1Vote’s website describes how their organization supports social justice, climate change, and gun control. It also describes how they previously spent funds paying for free Lyft rides for voters in the November presidential election.

The group also says that they have partnered with the New Georgia Project, an organization founded by Stacey Abrams, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate who lost the Georgia governor race in 2018 and still hasn’t conceded the race two years later.

Despite working with an overtly pro-Democrat group, and proudly displaying a video promoting far-left representatives Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the group claims to be “non-partisan.”

No, really, they do!

“Plus 1 Vote is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to getting out the vote and creating a democracy that is more representative of its people,” their website reads.

“We believe this simple strategy can change outcomes and make our country a more representative democracy for women, BIPOC individuals and members of the LGBTQ+ community,” they add.

Will Plus1Vote provide free rides for elderly Republican voters in Georgia? Time will only tell.

In the meantime, President Donald Trump continues to encourage Republicans to turn out and vote in the Georgia runoff elections, despite concerns about widespread fraud in the election. President Trump is also calling for full signature checks to take place not just in a recount of the presidential race results, but also in the runoff election.

Could Georgia’s senate runoff race face the same irregularities and misconduct as the presidential election did?