Nice Try, Atlantic, But Trump Loves The Troops | The News & Why It Matters

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The Atlantic claims that President Trump called American troops who died in battle “losers” and “suckers.” The Trump administration has fired back, calling this “not even close to being factually accurate.” Is this latest attack going to work? The NYT is reporting that the suspect in the Portland shooting was killed by federal fugitive task force. Antifa is already calling for people to rise against the police. Sleepy Joe visited Kenosha, and during his town hall he made some weird remarks and Porsche Bennett didn’t want to read the statement that was given to her by Black Lives Activists Kenosha. Why is Joe Biden in Kenosha? Christine Pelosi, daughter of Speaker Pelosi, has released a letter from a law firm that is representing the cosmetologist. This letter is now accusing the salon owner of setting up the speaker.