( Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, called on legislators on Saturday to pass a new bill that would ban biological males from unfairly competing against biological females in sports.

In a tweet, Governor Noem said that she has been exploring litigation to defend Title IX, a civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally-funded programs, and ways to ensure fairness in girls’ sports at all levels.

“To pursue that strategy, I’m asking legislators to pass a new bill on Veto Day, or I will call a special session,” she said.

The legislation Noem supports, House Bill 1217, would ban biological males from participating in any women’s sports. It also established in law that there are only two sexes, which are male and female – a fact that is bound to upset Democrats who increasingly insist that there are dozens, hundreds, or even an infinite number of genders.

Noem has expressed her support for the bill before, tweeting that she was celebrating International Women’s Day by defending women’s sports, and adding that she was excited to “sign this bill very soon.”

The governor soon sent the bill back to the South Dakota state legislature, however, saying that it used “vague and overly broad language” that “could have significant unintended consequences.”

In a press release, Noem’s office described how Section 2 of the bill would require student-athletes to verify every year that they are “not taking and has not taken, during the preceding twelve months, any performance-enhancing drugs, including anabolic steroids.”

Such a measure, however, may ultimately prompt lawsuits against schools in the state and also place an “unworkable administrative burden on schools.”

Assuming those issues are fixed, Noem is all set to sign the legislation into law, bringing into law a measure pushed by the Trump administration federally, but reversed by the far-left Biden administration.