NYC Sets Up COVID CHECKPOINTS And Threatens Those Violating Quarantine Rules

( New York City is setting up checkpoints over the holiday season, and those who violate the city’s quarantine rules will face “consequences,” according to city Sheriff Joseph Fucito.

On Tuesday, Fucito announced that throughout the holiday season, the sheriff teams will be “out in-force” and that they will be establishing “vehicle checkpoints at key bridges and crossings throughout New York City.”

If you’re entering the city, you could well be stopped by the authorities, asked where you’re going, and ordered to quarantine on arrival.

Fucito made the announcement alongside Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Democratic leader who has made it clear he isn’t afraid of locking down the city if he has to.

“Sheriffs will also be conducting checkpoints at curbside drop off bus stops – so, out-of-state buses coming into New York City, when they drop off at the curb, they will be met by sheriff teams,” he added.

If you were planning on coming to New York City, rest assured that you will be met by sheriffs and told you’re not welcome…and need to stay indoors for two weeks.

Fucito said that sheriffs in the city would be “serving Department of Health general orders for travelers arriving in New York, advising them of the quarantine and what they have to do in order to comply with the quarantine.”

It sounds like trips to see family during the holidays are off the table for people living outside of New York.

The only way to visit New York for the holidays, if you are arriving from a noncontiguous state, is to obtain a test within three days of departure and prior to arriving in New York City. The traveler must then immediately quarantine for three days in New York, and on day four, obtain another COVID test. Once that test comes back negative, the rules say, the traveler can leave the house before the 14 day quarantine period ends.