One Rule For Thee….Cuomo Will Let Celebs Avoid Quarantine for MTV Awards Event

( New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will give a special pass to celebrities to visit New York and attend the MTV Video Music Awards event without quarantining. It means regular people will be treated differently than the rich liberal elite, just so they can perform on TV and pat each other on the back for all the work they’ve done producing music videos over the last year.

It’s one of the biggest nights in the music industry and usually draws a large crowd, but this year it’ll be different. The people of New York are stuck at home, and people wanting to visit the state know that upon arrival in the state, they’re expected to quarantine.

Celebs, however, will be allowed to visit the state (mostly from California, let’s face it) and party until dawn without a care in the world.

According to the New York Post, the VMAs will be held on August 30 and that the New York Department of Health has given the event a semi-exemption. It means musicians will be able to participate in the production of the show, as long as they only interact with members of the crew and cast.

They will be expected to quarantine when they’re not working, but let’s face it – the parties are part of the job when it comes to awards ceremonies.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health also said that the VMAs will be allowed to police itself. They will be expected to introduce “rigorous safety protocols including testing and screening and compliance checks by a special compliance officer.”

The event will be the first major awards show to take place since the Chinese coronavirus pandemic took hold of the United States. There won’t be an audience this year, and musicians will be performing at various venues all over the city. If you’re interested in this stuff, you can expect to see the Black Eyed Peas, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and even Kanye West.

That’s right, the presidential candidate Kanye West. Performing at the VMAs. That’s probably the only reason why anyone will want to tune in this year.

The question that a lot of people will have for Andrew Cuomo is why he thinks celebrities should have special exemptions that regular people can’t have.