Pelosi SNAPS at Reporter When Her Hypocrisy Over Biden Sex Allegations Exposed

(PoliticalLookout.Com)- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like it when you expose her hypocrisy, so naturally, she snapped at a reporter on Thursday who exposed her silence over the sex assault accusations against Joe Biden. Pelosi chose to defend the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, who she recently endorsed, when a reporter said she is acting differently to when Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of a similar crime.

An unnamed reporter at the press conference asked Pelosi how she could justify treating Biden and Kavanaugh differently, but Pelosi quickly cut her off and snapped, “I don’t need a lecture of a speech.”

Because that would expose some uncomfortable truths, wouldn’t it, Nancy!

“I have complete respect for the whole MeToo movement,” she added. “There is a lot of excitement around the idea that women will be heard and listened to…There is also due process and the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden.”

Pelosi appeared to defend Joe Biden’s actions as if they were pre-determined because Joe Biden is the person he is.

She also went on to defend the Democratic presidential candidate by talking about some of his former employees who haven’t reported sexual assault allegations.

“There has been statements. From his campaign, not his campaign, but his former employees who ran his offices and the rest, that there was never any record of this,” she said. “There was never any record. Nobody ever came forward or nobody came forward to say something about it apart from the principal involved.”

When you have to wheel out several employees you have successfully not inappropriately touched and that’s some kind of victory, you know you have a problem.

There is also a problem with Pelosi’s claim, and that’s the fact that nobody knows whether there is any record because all the documents relating to Biden’s career have been resealed. Biden said he refuses to allow the documents to go public while he is seeking public office, as people may use them “out of context.”

Pelosi made it very clear that she would be supporting Biden, saying that the day she endorsed Joe Biden was her “happiest day.”

Let’s see how long that lasts.