PHOTOS: Did This Democrat Senate Nominee Dress Up As ADOLF HITLER?

( On Friday evening, photographs that reportedly depict Arizona Democrat Senate nominee Mark Kelly dressed up like Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler.

Reporter Patrick Howley of the National File tweeted photographs that he claimed show Democrat candidate Mark Kelly dressed up as the Nazi leader.

Kelly’s campaign denied the reports, claiming that the photographs were not of him.

“These aren’t pictures of Mark, and he never dressed up in such a costume,” campaign manager Jen Cox said. “The story is false and should be retracted immediately, and those who have spread this misinformation online should delete it. Anyone using it to try to smear a combat veteran should be ashamed of themselves.”

Various other statements from people close to Kelly also deny the photographs are of him. Kelly’s roommate while at the Merchant Marine Academy, Mark Baden, said that the photos are “absolutely not Mark Kelly.” Another classmate, Jennifer Boykin, also said that “this is not Mark in any of these photos.”

Interestingly, however, nobody has offered an explanation for who the photograph depicts. And the National File insists the photos are real and depict Kelly.

“THE photo is 100 percent of Mark Kelly, as anyone can see by looking at Mark Kelly’s yearbook page which we published,” Howley said. “The campaign has offered ZERO name of anyone else who could have dressed as Hitler at that party.”

Evidently, people aren’t buying the denial by the Senate nominee. Even Richard Grenell, the former acting Director of National Intelligence under the Trump administration, asked Kelly how he believed it was appropriate.

The question now is…will Kelly offer an explanation of who this person who looks just like him is? Or will they try and memory hole the story entirely?