Please, No! Democrats Revive Hillary’s Awful “Fight Song”

( – Remember that awful “Fight Song” from the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016? Well, it’s back, and the Democrats look like they’re going to start using it again.

Democratic Representative for Florida, Donna Shalala, was seen playing “Fight Song” on her phone during her allotted speaking time on the H.R 6201 coronavirus economic relief proposal. It was during a House Rules Committee meeting that took place on Wednesday night, and instead of using her time to discuss the proposal and the serious impact that the coronavirus could have on America, she filled the time by playing the terrible song and reigniting left-wing interest in the song.

The “Fight Song” because popular after it was played during the Democratic National Convention when Hillary Clinton was announced as the Democratic nominee. It featured celebrities from all areas of film, music, and beyond, singing along and pledging their commitment to fighting Donald Trump.

It’s hilarious, in a way, because despite being so certain they were going to win, they lost handsomely to Donald Trump.

Rep. Shalala formerly served under President Bill Clinton as the Secretary of Health and Human Services, meaning she should know better than to waste her time. After playing the song during her speaking time, she spoke up and said, “I think it’s a mental health bill.”

She also said it was a bill that would “reassure and reduce the anxiety and the fear that’s out there in this country.” She then argued that the proposal was simply a way of building on existing programs.

“They took existing programs that we’ve had hearing after hearing on over the last decade and focused those programs on this particular virus and this set of fears in our communities.”

If the Democrats think the president isn’t doing enough, however, they’re wrong. Not only has President Donald Trump signed $8.3 billion in funding into law for research into a coronavirus vaccine, but he has also proposed a massive payroll tax cut to help business and workers. The Democrats, however, dismissed the idea. Even in the face of a global pandemic, the Democrats will not vote for a tax cut!

Meanwhile, it seems like we’re going to be hearing more of that dreadful “Fight Song.”