President Trump Preparing New Public Health Rules to STOP Illegal Immigration

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( President Donald Trump is reportedly preparing new public health regulations to assist with the permanent stemming of the flow of illegal immigration across the southern border of the United States. The news comes as border officials across the country are already ramping up deportations following orders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to immediately remove people who cross the border illegally on public health grounds.

Reports suggest that officials from the Department of Homeland Security are crediting the CDC and its Title 42 rules for the drastic reduction in crossings at the southern border. Since the strict new regulations came into place, border crossings dropped by a massive 84% in April. It also meant that people crossing the border were not being allowed to live with their family in America while waiting for a judge to see their case, and ensures people applying for asylum stay in Mexico (or their country of origin) while it is processed.

Impressed with the impact it has had, President Donald Trump is now reportedly looking at ways to make the measures permanent. Such a move could effectively stop illegal immigration, or reduce it significantly, for years to come.

Reportedly, the president’s plan is to expand the power of border agents and immigration officials to more quickly process, detain, and then expel people who cross the border illegally. The first order that facilitated this was brought in on a temporary basis for 30 days, but its huge success and the fact that the coronavirus is still present resulted in the president extending it for another month.

Officials from the Department of Homeland Security told the press that this is the first time Title 42 rules have been applied to border crossings and that in the past it has only ever been applied to the importation of foreign goods.

It’s certainly peaked the president’s interest, having promised to bring down illegal immigration to historically low numbers. The progress of the wall may become a sticking point in the coming election campaign, and while Trump can rightfully blame the Democrats for a lack of funding, pointing to the implementation of Title 42 on border crossings could help him show the country he is serious.