President Trump’s Original Immigration Executive Order Was EVEN STRICTER

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(PoliticalLookout.Com)- This week President Donald Trump signed an executive order designed to stem the flow of immigrants into the United States during this time of economic uncertainty. The president received much criticism from the Democrats and praise from American citizens concerned about getting a job when the economy reopens.

However, an exclusive report from Breitbart suggests that the initial draft of the executive order was much stricter about who would be allowed to remain or enter the United States for work.

The order that was eventually signed only temporarily suspends some kinds of legal immigration for 60 days, predominantly employment-based green card immigrants and extended members of American citizens’ families.

Several other visa worker programs were initially included in the first draft, Breitbart reports, which would have stopped the immediate importation of thousands of foreign workers at a time when near-on 30 million Americans are out of work.

John Binder reports that it is “unclear how closely Trump reviewed this draft before signing the final executive order,” and that the contents of the initial draft indicate that administration staffers who more closely align with Trump’s nationalist agenda were heavily involved with the drafting. You can take that as journalist code for “we know who drafted this, and they were staunchly in favour of reducing immigration!”

The early draft also reportedly suspended E visas which are reserved for investors and traders, B visas that are used for tourists and business travellers, as well as controversial H-1B and H-2B visas that are used to important thousands of workers every year. J-1 visas for foreign exchange visitors, O visas for workers, and L visas for employees were also originally included. However, much of these were removed in the final version.

Particularly contentious was the inclusion of the EB-5 visa, which is used by rich Chinese investors to reside in the United States.

Sources close to the president told Breitbart that President Trump may look to remove some exemptions in a future order if deemed necessary, which is likely a response to growing criticism from the more nationalist-minded crowd in the Republican Party.

The executive order does something no other president in modern times has done, but do you think it goes far enough?