Report Suggests Ellen KNEW About Her Toxic Work Culture Way Back In 2018!

( A new report suggests that Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host that everyone presumed was as happy and nice in real life as she is on screen, knew about the toxic work culture among her staff years ago. And did nothing.

According to BuzzFeed News, the outlet that initially broke the story of employees working for the Ellen Show being sexually harassed at work and treated shockingly, a complaint was filed back in 2018 with an industry union alleging gender discrimination. That means executives at the show were already aware of some of the terrible behavior occurring behind the scenes of the hugely popular show.

“Executives behind The Ellen DeGeneres Show knew of allegations of sexism and a toxic work environment two years ago, long before three top producers were fired last week after being accused by dozens of former employees of sexual misconduct and harassment,” the report says.

BuzzFeed says that one current and one former employee confirmed that a complaint was filed in 2018, but that the name of the union is not being named at the request of both sources who fear retribution.

It looks like people really do fear Ellen DeGeneres. What a year 2020 is! Chinese coronavirus, riots, and it turns out Ellen DeGeneres isn’t really very nice.

A spokesperson for Warner Bros., the distributor of the show, confirmed that the complaint was filed in 2018 but said that there is nothing “new or noteworthy” about it.

“It was investigated by an outside investigator and resolved with no merit to claims of gender discrimination,” a spokesperson from the company claimed. “As previously stated, we are committed to changing the things that need to change and moving forward in a constructive and positive way.”

What are the chances that the complaints in 2018 were not indicative of a wider problem? Could it be true that the 2018 accusations were unfounded, and that problems only arose later, despite the fact that those same executives who have since been fired were present the entire time?