Republican Governors Start Plans to Open Economies by FRIDAY

(PoliticalLookout.Com)- There is a stark difference between the way most Democratic governors and Republican governors are handling the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Dem governors like Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan have enacted extremely strict lockdown measures that stop people from buying seeds from their garden, whereas Republican governors are doing everything possible to keep the economy moving safely.

On Monday, Republican Governors Bill Lee of Tennessee and Brian Kemp of Georgia announced plans to get their states moving again, beginning to open up some areas of the economy as soon as Friday.

Georgia will be the first state to see major restrictions lifted. Fitness centers, beauty salons, and other businesses that require in-person traffic could be eligible to start opening again by Friday. In Tennessee, the stay-at-home order currently in place is expected to end on April 30.

The White House recently released an 18-page document outlining how governors will be able to reopen their states in three stages. To move onto the next stage, a state would need to demonstrate sufficient hospital capacity and adequate testing facilities.

Governor Kemp said that his state government would be working with the Georgia Health system to “double down” on performing tests. This would allow the state to qualify for phase one reopening. Kemp said that “testing defines the battlefield and aids our long term strategy.”

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, if Georgia can demonstrate that the virus is under control and adequate measures are in place to protect residents, then bowling alleys, barbershops, gyms, and a host of other businesses will be able to open by Friday, April 24. They will, however, be required to implement social distancing measures within their stories and take additional measures to sanitize their stores every day.

Georgia will also be able to resume performing elective surgeries.

Kemp also said that restaurants and theaters will also be allowed to reopen, as long as they adopt social distancing measures, but April 28.

Governor Lee of Tennessee offered a similarly short time frame, telling WBIR that the “vast majority” of businesses in his state will start reopening on Friday, May 1.

“Our Economic Recovery Group is working with industry leaders around the clock so that some businesses can open as soon as Monday, April 27,” he said. “These businesses will open according to specific guidance that we will provide in accordance with state and national experts in both medicine and business.”

These two Republican governors are showing the world what can be done when people are allowed to continue living their lives in safe and responsible ways.