Research Finds Trump Oversaw Greatest NASDAQ Market Increase In Decades

( The data shows that former President Donald Trump oversaw the biggest NASDAQ market increase in decades.

In only four years.

The Common Sense Blog reported how in just one term, former President Donald Trump’s efforts to grow the American economy succeeded and trounced the efforts of Democrats and Republicans who came before him.

The outlet explained how the NASDAQ, which is one of the three main indices of economic growth, showed a 135% return under former President Trump.

Former President Barack Obama saw a 112.8% return and Jimmy Carter 107%.

The outlet revealed that anyone who invested money in the NASDAQ four years ago will have seen that investment double in value by the time Trump left the White House.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard stories like this, either. Back in September 2017, the Gateway Pundit revealed President Trump had already set the record for the most stock market closing highs in the first year as president, with former President Obama failing to achieve a single stock market closing high in his first year.

“The DOW recorded its 56th all time record closing high on Friday since President Trump was elected on November 8th,” the outlet reported at the time. “As a result, the market is up 21% since the election. No president has more all time closing highs in their first year in office than President Trump.”

Trump had already become the first president in American history to oversee two stock market rallies that lasted more than nine days with markets setting new highs every day.

The 45th president also matched former President Ronald Reagan’s incredible 1987 record for the most continuous closing high trading days after the DOW reached a new high for 12 consecutive days.

Under President Joe Biden, the United States is expected to see tax hikes, and even Democrat-friendly media outlets are warning that the new president cannot blame the economy on former President Trump. Pre-COVID, unemployment numbers hit record lows, and now, NBC warns Biden that the U.S. economy is now “unusually dependent on the White House’s ideas and its ability to make things happen.”

NBC writer Kevin Carmichael suggested that if the COVID economic recovery is strong, Biden will “deserve most of the credit,” despite President Trump building the basis for the economy to bounce back.

If it falters, however, the outlet said that Biden “will bear the blame, and justifiably so, since his campaign was based almost entirely on the notion that he would be the better crisis manager.”

Well, we have four years to find out.