Rioters Desecrate Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Philadelphia

( Far-left Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters don’t seem to care much about America’s history, and that was made clear in Philadelphia on Friday when the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution was desecrated and vandalized. It comes as major cities across the country erupt into violence and chaos at the hands of far-left radicals claiming that American cops are hunting black people.

The National Park Service reported the news on Friday that the monument, which includes a flame, engravings, and a statue of George Washington, was vandalized with graffiti. Rioters and demonstrators painted the words “COMMITTED GENOCIDE” on the memorial.

In a statement, the National Park Service said they are “working to remove this graffiti” on the monuments in Washington square safely, and that they appreciate the offers they’ve had from people in the local community to help. They asked for the patience of local people while professional conservators work to remove the vandalism without damaging the memorial.

The statement explained how the wall in the monument is made of soft limestone, meaning it is susceptible to discoloration and pitting. Cleaning the stone without damaging it, therefore, can be difficult.

“We’ve tried non-abrasive steam cleaning and a gentle solvent,” they explained. “But, some of the paint on the wall remains.”

The statement said a professional stone conservator is now working on dealing with the graffiti, using a treatment that “saturates the painted stone with a mild solvent held in place by poultices (soft masses).”

They expect that the vandalism will have been completely removed after two weeks and the appearance of the stone should get better, but there is fear that vandals could once again cause damage as protests and riots continue all over the country.

President Donald Trump warned three years ago that radical leftists may begin to tear down statues of George Washington, and it looks like it’s starting to happen. In 2017, he warned against the tearing down of Confederate statues, arguing that it’ll eventually be George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

“You know, you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?” he asked.