RNC Viewer Ratings DESTROYS DNC On First Night

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(PoliticalLookout.com)- The Republican National Convention drew a significantly higher audience on its first night than the Democratic National Convention, showing greater interest in what the Republicans have to say from the media and the electorate alike. Numbers show that the Republican convention enjoyed at least six times as many viewers than the Democrats did during their dark, gloomy, and negative convention.

On Monday, C-SPAN livestream viewer numbers were six times higher than on the first night of the Democratic convention. The Hill reports that C-SPAN’s online stream had some 440,000 views, while the DNC only achieved 76,000. That’s pretty…well, it’s pretty awful.

This is only one metric, though. These are the online numbers. The Nielsen Media Research numbers are yet to be released and will show how many people tuned into the RNC on traditional television sets. Given the stark difference online, however, it’s not looking good.

Nielsen Media Research said that 18.7 million people tuned in to the first night of the DNC from Milwaukee on the first night. It sounds like a lot of people, but it’s actually a lot lower than four years ago. Some 21% lower, in fact, then when Hillary Clinton gave her acceptance speech to the DNC in 2016.

“They are also more than 38% lower than President Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican convention four years ago, which drew 34.9 million viewers,” Nielsen added.

According to Jeff Ballingall, the Chief Marketing Officer at The Post Millennial, even the speech given by former First Lady Michelle Obama performed abysmally online. We’ve reported on this story before, but it’s worth talking about again. Ballingall noted how Kim Klacik, the black GOP candidate in Baltimore, got more views on her campaign ad than Michelle Obama did on her speech after posting it on Twitter.

Klacik addressed the first night of the RNC, so it stands to reason that plenty of those people who loved her campaign ad made sure to tune in and see what she had to say at the convention.

Ballingall also published a screenshot on August 20 of the abysmal numbers for the various livestreams covering the event.

Once again, it looks like Americans are more interested in what the Republicans have to say than the Democrats. Is that surprising when the Democrats are refusing to address the violence being committed (and the destruction, arson, and riots) by their supporters?