Rudy Giuliani: “The FBI Is Nowhere To Be Found!”

( Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is also President Donald Trump’s attorney, told Fox News on Sunday morning that the FBI is “nowhere to be found” on the matter of election fraud, despite overwhelming evidence showing it occurred in the 2020 presidential election.

Speaking to Maria Bartiromo, one of the last-remaining pro-Trump voices on Fox, Rudy said that the Trump campaign now has more than 1,000 sworn affidavits signed by both election observers and officials. The affidavits are legal documents signed under oath, meaning more than a thousand people have risked their freedom to tell the world that they witnessed misconduct and fraud in various states during the 2020 presidential election.

Giuliani also said that among those affidavits were sworn testimonies from both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Despite this, the mainstream media continues to describe accusations of voter fraud and misconduct as “baseless,” and even the FBI doesn’t appear to be taking it as seriously as they should.

In the interview, Giuliani also described how coordinated criminal fraud took place in Georgia and Michigan at the same time, during the early hours of the morning on November 4.

Giuliani’s suggestion that the FBI is “nowhere to be found” appeared to be backed up by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on the same Fox News show.

Speaking to Bartiromo on the same day, Ratcliffe said that FBI investigations are ongoing but that he wished they would provide “more visibility” about what was going on.

“I have great confidence in our law enforcement authorities,” Ratcliffe said. “I really do, but I think they, to the extent that they are doing the things that they are supposed to be doing, they ought to provide more visibility to the American people about that because there’s so many questions and folks like you, Maria, that don’t see that that’s happening.”

Ratcliffe said that the American people “deserve an explanation to know that those types of investigations are taking place.”

President Donald Trump’s legal team continues to put forward massive and overwhelming evidence of election fraud, and yet the FBI is nowhere to be seen. Why is that?