Sean Hannity Says Democrats’ Calls For “Deprogramming” Trump Supporters Goes Against Biden’s Sickening Claims

(PoliticalLookout)- Liberals are ramping up their rhetoric about conservatives, Fox News’ Sean Hannity said this week. And the problem is that members of Big Tech companies and the mainstream media are supporting them.

Katie Couric, the host of “Today,” and Eugene Robinson, an associate editor at the Washington Post, have both called for supporters of Donald Trump to be “deprogrammed” of what they have termed “dangerous groupthink.”

In response, Hannity attacked:

“This kind of rhetoric is now the commonplace on the left. [Robinson] wondered [on MSNBC] how mostly White, mostly Republican voters, how do we deprogram them? Into what? Little socialists like you?”

On his show, Hannity played a clip that showed Robinson saying people who voted for Trump were “members of a cult.” He demanded they have their personal ideology forced out of them.

Couric, meanwhile, said it was “bizarre” for her to watch Republican lawmakers “believing the garbage they are being fed 24/7 on the Internet [and] by their constituents.”

Couric said these lawmakers all bought into a “big lie,” then wondered how they could be “deprogrammed” from this line of thinking.

Hannity fired back, saying:

“Re-education camps, deprogramming, OK. According to the press wing of the Democratic-Establishment Socialist Party, you, we the people, we need to be deprogrammed or put in re-education camps because our political opinion differs from theirs.”

This is just another way that liberals are pushing their agenda, and looking to quell voices that oppose their own. Hannity said:

“They are little totalitarians. Their one goal is to shut you up; shut us up.”

The Left isn’t looking to unify the country; they are looking to convert everyone to their line of thinking. That’s certainly shortsighted, though, because more than 74 million people voted for Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Do all of those people need to be deprogrammed and re-educated, too? Is what they believe wrong? And should they be persecuted for those beliefs, just because they differ from what liberals think?

Democrats like President-elect Joe Biden has touted unity, and joining back together Americans from all walks of life. But, this is far from that message of unity.

It will come as no surprise that many of what Biden and other Democratic leaders in Congress are planning to enact in short order in their administration will not unify the country, but push a “radical platform.” This includes stopping the Keystone XL pipeline, pushing through regulations under the so-called Green New Deal, and opening up America’s borders.

As Hannity said:

“[It’s] everything we warned you about. Noticeably missing from the Biden-Harris agenda, anything actually related to unity. After an extremely close and contentious election, no one on the left actually wants to bring 75 million Trump voters into the fold. Quite the opposite.”

So, it seems that those words and messages of unity were just that — words and messages that won’t be backed with action once Biden and Harris officially take office on the afternoon of January 20.