Second Lady Karen Pence Will Lean New Initiative to Prevent Veteran Suicide

( Second Lady Karen Pence will head up a new White House task force that sets out to prevent veteran suicides and give former members of the U.S. Armed Forces the support they need after retirement. President Donald Trump announced Karen Pence’s new role on Wednesday.

Pence will head up the new President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide *PREVENTS) task force, helping veterans who struggle with their mental health. The scheme was announced on Wednesday.

“The President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide (PREVENTS) will focus on a holistic public health approach to suicide prevention,” the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs revealed. “PREVENTS seeks to change the culture surrounding mental health and suicide prevention through enhanced community integration, prioritized research activities, and implementation strategies that emphasize improved overall health and well-being.”

In an announcement at the White House, President Donald Trump said Karen Trump will be “leading us into the Promised Land on this very tough subject.”

The president said that his administration is “marshaling every resource to stop the crisis of veteran suicide and protect our nation’s most treasured heroes.”

“They’ve been through so much, and it’s such a deep-seated problem.”

Second Lady Karen Pence said she was honored to be a part of the initiative, and said that the COVID-19 pandemic was another reason for Americans to be conscious of mental health.

“I feel like right now is such an opportune time because we’re all dealing with anxiety,” she said. “We’re all dealing with stress right now. So if I can do anything as lead ambassador, it’s my goal to help take away the stigma of mental health, take away the stigma for people to be able to come forward.”

The new task force has identified 10 recommendations, as well as nine priorities, to begin raising awareness of the issue and to help guide the government in tackling veteran suicide. The Department of Veterans Affairs also said that the task force will partner with stakeholders from different sectors, “including nonprofits, state and local organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and government leaders.”