Sesame Street Joins CNN to Indoctrinate Children Over Racism Using Elmo As Ploy

( Have you read a more insane headline? I’m sorry to say it’s true. Famous children’s show Sesame Street teamed up with left-wing propaganda network CNN to indoctrinate young children about racism (or perceived racism) and the far-left politics of Black Lives Matter. CNN held an entire town hall with Elmo and his “father,” another cuddly character, to talk about the protests and how “people of color” are “being treated unfairly because of how they look.”

Watching the Town Hall, you can hear chants of “Black Live Matter!” in the background, as Elmo appears on stage. It’s meant to be a way of introducing children to sensitive issues but in reality, at least critics would say, it actually introduces ideas to controversial ideas that aren’t universally accepted as true.

Elmo appears in a split-screen with his pretend dad, Louie. He asks his dad, “Why are these people together?” and various other questions bout the ongoing protests.

Louie parrots all the same lines as the press, telling Elmo that people are out protesting because “racism is a huge problem in our country.”

Louie didn’t give any evidence for his claim, nor did he examine the FBI data that shows black people are not disproportionately killed by police officers no matter what way you look at the data.

“They’re gathering together to protest,” he tells Elmo. “A protest is when people come together to show they are upset and disagree about something. They want to make others aware of the problem. Through protesting, people are able to share their feelings and work together to make things better.”

He didn’t mention that protests are meant to be peaceful and as soon as they start setting fires to buildings and cars, it’s not longer just a protest.

Louie showed Elmo some examples of signs that protesters use, including one that reads, “Love, Justice, Peace.”

Can you believe this?

CNN promoted the “Town Hall” event heavily, even on their social media, describing how Sesame Street wants to end racism…as if Black Lives Matter is the arbiter of truth and decides what is and isn’t racism.

Will your kids still be watching Sesame Street after this?