SNUBBED: Extremist AOC Only Gets 60-Second Speaking Slot At DNC

( Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might think she is the future of the Democratic Party, but establishment Democrats seem to realize that her extremism could severely hamper their efforts to win the November presidential election. The infamous New York Congresswoman is set to speak for only 60 seconds during the Democratic National Convention next week, sending her far-left supporters into meltdown.

While AOC will only have a minute to make her case to the people of America to vote for a ticket she desperately didn’t want to see happen, establishment Democrats will have significantly more time. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will give a full, live virtual speech during the event. Failed presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg will also be afforded time to give a full speech.

Many Americans would consider them almost as extreme as AOC, but if the Democrats stopped all the basketcases in their party from giving speeches at the DNC then they’d have nobody to fill the schedules with.

It seems to be part of a wider effort by the Democrats to distance themselves from the kind of radical left-wing activism that has led to violent riots all over the United States. Choosing Senator Kamala Harris as the vice-presidential nominee indicates that they want the public to associate the party with law and order, despite the fact that the vast majority of the rioters will be voting for Biden in November.

When I say vast majority, I’m going that just to be safe. We all know that nobody rioting in the name of “racial justice,” destroying buildings in protest of the police, or looting stores will be voting Republican this year…or any other year.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to understand just how damaging this far-left activism has been for the Democrats, and complained on Twitter about her pathetic speaking slot. Well, I say complained. What I really mean is “published a poem by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays.”

AOC was fairly civilized in her response, but her supporters weren’t.

Michael Salamone complained that “Jeffrey Epstein’s pal Bill Clinton & his partner who gave us Trump in the first place will get to babble to their heart’s content.”

Benjamin Dixon labelled the DNC “arrogant scumbags” in another tweet.

Don’t they realize that far-left radicalism advocated by AOC is exactly the thing that will destroy any possibility of the Democrats winning in November?