South Korea To Send Delegation To Iran Over Tanker Seizure

( Iran is ramping up its aggression with the rest of the world, with armed troops from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard reportedly storming a South Korean oil tanker and forcing it to change course. The vessel owner announced the shocking revelations on Tuesday, and a delegation from South Korea has since left to negotiate the release of the crew in the Islamic Republic.

The incident, which occurred on Monday, appears to be part of a wider strategy from Iran to intimidate as they ramp up rhetoric of revenge.

Iranian officials recently threatened to hold President Donald Trump accountable for assassinating terrorist leader General Qassem Soleimani. Iran’s judiciary spokesperson Gholamhossein Esmaili also said on Tuesday during a press conference that the Islamic nation had sent a second request to Interpol to arrest President Trump.

Like that’s going to happen.

On Monday, Iran also announced that they would be gearing up their production of enriched uranium, in violation of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal signed by the United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. While the United States has withdrawn from the disastrous deal, it remains in place for other signatory nations and Iran no longer appears to care.

The nation announced they would be enriching uranium up to 20%, far beyond the 3.5% limit set by the Iran deal.

Remember how hard Trump railed against the Iran nuclear deal back during the 2016 campaign? Looks like he was right about that, too.

A representative of DM Shipping Co. Ltd. Told the Associated Press that the Hankuk Chemi ship and its crew of 20 people was traveling between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates when it was intercepted by Iranian pirates.

Iranians first told the crew that they were performing a check, but it quickly became evident that they were being held hostage. When the captain of the vessel told South Korean officials about what was happening, the Iranians quickly stormed the tanker and changed its direction. An Iranian helicopter could be seen overhead, all cameras on the ship were turned off, and the captain remains unreachable.

Seoul and Tehran remain in negotiation over the release of billions of dollars that are currently frozen in South Korean bank accounts as part of President Donald Trump’s pressure campaign on the terrorism-supporting nation.

Could holding the tanker hostage be part of a plan to take back money and fight the United States?