States Declare Emergency Over Biden Inauguration

(PoliticalLookout)- Ahead of the inauguration of what we’re meant to believe is the most popular presidential candidate in American history, states all over the country are declaring states of emergency. Responding to warnings from the FBI that there may be violent demonstration — right wing or left wing — states are taking measures to protect citizens.

Biden’s inauguration will be attended by no citizens, and he will be guarded by more than 25,000 members of law enforcement and the National Guard.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said recently that protests are expected to begin on Sunday and last through the inauguration, and has warned anyone planning on engaging in violence during this period to reconsider their plans.

It comes after Wray announced that 200 suspects involved with the violence on January 6 have so far been identified.

Last week, the FBI warned that there is an “extensive amount of concerning online chatter” from people planning to engage in armed protests.

It prompted governors to take action to protect their own state Capitol buildings, with more than a dozen so far having called on the National Guard for support protecting their government buildings.

And yes, the Democrats are loving it, claiming that Republicans have incited a violent insurrection against legitimately elected politicians.

Michigan State Police Col. Joe Gasper announced on Friday how his state was preparing to respond to the possibility of violence.

“We are prepared for the worst, but we remain hopeful that those who choose to demonstrate at our Capitol do so peacefully, without violence or destruction of property,” he said.

Far-left Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who was disgraced in 2020 for going beyond her constitutional powers and implementing one of the strictest lockdowns in the country, announced the state of emergency.

In Wisconsin and Illinois, windows at state Capitol buildings have been boarded up, while Governor Gavin Newsom in California has announced the mobilization of 1,000 members of the National Guard. He has also erected a fence around the Capitol Building.

“We’re treating this very seriously and deploying significant resources to protect public safety, critical infrastructure and First Amendment Rights,” Newsom explained in a public video. “But let me be clear: There will be no tolerance for violence.”

Who would have thought the Democrats would finally admit that riots are bad, that the National Guard is needed to protect cities, and that walls work?

Funny old world…