Taliban Spokesman Says Under Biden “War Against The United States Will Resume”

(PoliticalLookout.com)- Speaking to the Khaama Press of Afghanistan recently, a spokesperson for the Taliban warned that under a Biden administration, the terror group’s “war against the United States will resume, until they leave Afghanistan.” It’s a stark warning that if the Democrats don’t allow President Donald Trump to finally withdraw American troops from the country they could force America into yet another bloody war.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have expressed their anger and disagreement with the president over his plans to withdraw troops before the end of the year.

During his first term, President Donald Trump successfully brought the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan to the table, which resulted in a peace agreement that allowed the American military presence there to be drastically reduced. The president has received very little in the way of praise or support from Democrats over the initiative, with politicians on the other side of the aisle supporting the prospects of America’s longest war continuing for many more years.

Under the president’s leadership, the federal government sought assurances from the Taliban that they would not harbor terrorists that seek to attack the United States, in an attempt at preventing another 9/11-style attack. In return, the United States would stop attacking the group in Afghanistan.

The peace deal between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban is at the very center of the United States’ ability to safely leave the country, but the Democrats risk upsetting that.

Mohammed Naeem Wardak, the Taliban spokesman, said that the Taliban was prepared if the peace talks with the United States change under a possible Joe Biden administration.

“The peace agreement was a big change and it stopped the war, it was not with Donald Trump, but with the United States government,” he said. “We believe that the Biden administration will respect this agreement; but if the Biden administration does not accept this agreement, our war against the United States will resume and will continue until they leave Afghanistan.”

Maybe Wardak hasn’t been watching the Democrats attacking the president for trying to withdraw troops early…

“We reached an agreement after two years of negotiations with the United States, so it will take some time to resolve the issue between the Afghans, because the war in the country has been going on for 20 years,” Wardak added.

Here’s to hoping that Sleepy Joe doesn’t screw this up…presuming he takes office in January!