Ted Cruz Says Illegals Are Getting Stimulus Checks

(PoliticalLookout.com)- Ted Cruz just proved that Democrats are lying when they say that illegal immigrants aren’t receiving COVID-19 stimulus checks. The shocking revelation comes as Americans are finally set to receive another stimulus check after months of wrangling and bickering in Congress.

American citizens will receive $1,400, so long as they don’t earn more than $75,000, and as Cruz rightly notes, illegal immigrants will receive them too.

The Texas Republican Senator was initially mocked by Democrats and the left-wing press for making the claim, stating that illegal immigrants wouldn’t qualify for stimulus checks because they don’t have social security numbers. Senator Dick Durbin called Cruz a liar, and Cruz hit back, slamming the senator for failing to apologize once it was revealed that checks were being sent to illegal immigrants.

“The Senator from Illinois said that he didn’t know if the number of illegal immigrants getting checks from the Democrat stimulus bill was in the tens, hundreds, or the thousands,” Cruz said on the Senate floor.

“With all due respect, he does know that. It’s not in the tens, it’s not in the hundreds, it’s not in the thousands. JCT, the Joint Committee on Taxation, which is a non-partisan organization that reports to this Senate and this Congress, scored my amendment as ‘roughly 482,000 illegal immigrants are getting checks under the Democrats’ proposal.’”

That’s almost half a million illegal aliens receiving taxpayers’ money, because the Democrats think it would be bigoted not to.

Cruz also said that two outside organizations have confirmed that millions of illegal aliens will be receiving COVID-19 stimulus checks.

The Texas senator said that all 100 members of the Senate were “misinformed by the Democrat senator that no illegal aliens would receive stimulus checks.”

He then encouraged Durbin to “say he was wrong and sorry for calling me a liar on the Senate floor and then going to Twitter to do so twice.”

Durbin has not yet apologized for lying about how many illegal aliens would receive stimulus checks, and the Biden administration has also not stepped in to stop taxpayer funds going to non-citizens and non-tax-payers.