THAT EXPLAINS IT: Former Obama Speechwriters Behind Celeb Acceptance Speeches

( – Have you noticed the trend of celebrity acceptance speeches at all the big award shows becoming painful and political? When Ricky Gervais explicitly told celebrities not to be overtly political at the Golden Globes earlier in the year, people laughed…but then went on to give left-wing speeches about everything other than the award they were receiving.

Since then, we’ve seen complaints that the BAFTAs didn’t have enough nonwhite nominees and a lecture from Joaquin Phoenix about cows and speciesism.

Viewers no doubt wondered how every celebrity, known for their acting skills and not their ability to pen emotional speeches, all seem to have become Shakespeare overnight. And now we know.

A report from New York Magazine explains that Hollywood actors have been hiring political speechwriters to pen their acceptance speeches. It doesn’t just mean the quality of the speech is better, but it also means they’re better able to parrot woke social justice talking points.

Brad Pitt, who made a brief and weird comment about having more time than John Bolton in the impeachment trials, is even said to have paid a speechwriting company to come up with his lines. That’s despite him specifically telling reporters that he wrote it himself! Another report, from Vulture Magazine, suggests Hollywood celebs are paying companies like Fenway Strategies, which are run by former President Barack Obama’s speechwriters.

That explains it!

Vulture Magazine reached out to Pitt’s representatives to ask if he had hired anybody to write his speech but received no response. However, an anonymous representative of a speechwriting agency did confirm thatPitt’s team had reached out to ask if they would offer their services. The intention, therefore, was there.

Another anonymous source quoted by Vulture said, “The most common reason [to hire a speechwriter] is knowing the room. Like, ‘What is the difference between the PGAs, the Globes, and the BAFTAs?’ Knowing the room is key.”

It seems that the only actor willing to speak from the heart when receiving awards is the notoriously comedic and rambly Olivia Coleman. The rest are snapping up political speechwriters who help frame their clients as progressive activists and social justice heroes.

Talk about reading the room…The vast majority of the American people can’t stand it!