Tom Cotton Calls For U.S. To Ban Chinese Investments From Hollywood

( Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas boldly called on the United States federal government to ban investment from China into the American entertainment industry, a move that President Joe Biden has yet to comment on…and is unlikely to approve.

It’s the most aggressive proposal from Congress yet that would battle China’s influence over the United States, not just in terms of economic power but in influence through television and movies.

Under the proposal, Senator Cotton says that American studios would be able to produce movie and entertainment content that is completely free from Chinese Communist Party propaganda or censorship. Cotton said the plan, which he calls the “Beat China” proposal, should also focus on the medical industry, telecommunications, semiconductors, and a host of other industries where Chinese involvement would prove dangerous.

“We need to beat this evil empire and consign the Chinese Communists – just like the Bolsheviks – to the ash heap of history,” Cotton said in an announcement at the Reagan Institute.

The proposal comes after several reports about how Hollywood studios have used Chinese investment to increase profits, resulting in major studios self-censoring to avoid offending the Chinese government and even rewriting scripts to portray China in a more positive light. Hollywood is even continuing to refuse to acknowledge the many human rights abuses committed by China, including the shocking genocide of the Uighur people.

A shocking report from Breitbart recently revealed how Disney stayed silent about the human rights abuses occurring in Xinjiang, China, where they shot some of the Mulan live-action movie.

Senator Cotton slammed Chinese investment in Hollywood, saying that President Biden should “ban Chinese investment in U.S. studios and streaming services.”

Under President Donald Trump’s administration, Chinese investment in the American entertainment industry was scrutinized, with then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo being very vocal about the issue. Senator Ted Cruz also proposed that federal assistance should be cut off to American film studios that self-censor to please China.

But with Biden in charge…who knows where this will go? Perhaps nowhere.

“Entertainment executives must understand that the CCP, while a profitable partner in the short term, is ultimately hostile to their freedom and creativity,” Cotton said. “They must be willing to face down this threat, as brave artists have done with past totalitarian regimes, by placing their ideals ahead of their short-term financial interests.”