Top Democrat Says Biden’s Disturbing Defense Secretary Pick “Feels Off”

( As Joe Biden announces more nominees to serve on his cabinet if he becomes the next president of the United States, Democrats are beginning to speak up about his decisions. Democrat Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin is one of them.

A member of the House Committee on Armed Services, Slotkin questioned Biden’s proposed nominee for Defense Secretary, explaining her concerns about choosing recently retired General Lloyd Austin.

Slotkin described how it “feels off,” and that the position should only be filled by civilians.

It comes after news outlets revealed on Monday night that Austin had been chosen by Biden – or whoever is controlling Biden these days – to be the next Defense Secretary.

“I have deep respect for Gen. Lloyd Austin,” she said. “We worked together when he commanded U.S. forces in Iraq, when he was vice chief of the Army, an when he was the CENTCOM commander…but choosing another recently retired general to serve in a role designed for a civilian just feels off.”

Slotkin went on to explain how the role of the Defense Secretary is “purpose-built to ensure civilian oversight of the military.”

“That is why it requires a waiver from the House and Senate to put a recently retired military officer in the job,” she added.

Well, that sounds like a complicated new issue for Joe Biden to deal with. Who wants to bet he just ignores it completely?

Austin formerly headed up the United States Central Command and appeared at the top of the list of Biden’s nomination choices when the former vice president was encouraged to appoint more black people to his cabinet.

Not only might Biden be sleepwalking into an issue with Democrats in the Senate opposing his decisions, but he could end up appointing people entirely on race and not based on their qualifications.

And that sounds kind of…racist.