Trump and Biden TIED In Historically Democrat Minnesota

( Despite early polls suggesting Biden had the presidential election in the bag, new polls are now showing the Democratic presidential nominee tied with President Donald Trump in a series of battleground states. The most recent poll from the Trafalgar Group was published on Thursday and shows the two candidates neck and neck in Minnesota.

A poll of 1,141 likely voters taken between August 15 and 18 showed that President Trump has 46.5 percent of the vote, and Joe Biden has 46.9 percent of the vote. That’s well within the margin of error. The poll also showed that a small number, less than two percent of people, are undecided. It shows how this election will perhaps be more divisive than the last, with people desperately supporting Trump against far-left tyrant, and Democrats falling for the usual lies about the president.

With a margin of error of + / – 2.98 percent, it could easily give Trump or Biden an advantage come election day. However, the well-known phenomenon of the “Shy Trump” vote could ultimately mean that people are not being fully truthful with pollsters. When the polls are tied in this way, the shy vote – for either candidate – usually leans in favor of the president.

We all know why that is, by the way. It’s easy to tell the world you support Joe Biden because conservatives won’t demonize you. But if you announce your support for President Trump, you face being fired, attacked online, or even losing friends and family.

Minnesota is particularly fascinating because it is a Democratic state. It has voted for a Democratic nominee every single time they’ve gone to the polls in a presidential election since 1976. President Trump could be about to change that.

Can you imagine how angry they’ll be if Angry starts turning Democrat states?