Trump BOMBARDED With $100 Million Book And TV Deals

( President Donald Trump has reportedly been bombarded with book and TV deals worth $100 million or more, according to new reports. Page Six reports how big publishers and TV producers are looking to cash in on the president’s huge amount of support across the United States, offering the president opportunities to tell his story should his efforts to rectify possible voter fraud fail.

According to Page Six, a source close to the president said that he is “being bombarded with book and TV deals that could be worth a staggering $100 million.”

Chump change for President Trump, really. Or at least, it was before he became president, given that he has lost a huge amount of his fortune serving as Commander-in-Chief.

According to the source, the offers are being collected as part of a “plan B” for the president, as his legal team files lawsuits in battleground states alleging voting irregularities and even voting fraud. President Donald Trump, meanwhile, refuses to concede the election until the recounts are held and lawsuits filed and concluded. Something that the Democrats aren’t exactly happy about.

The anonymous source said that 70 million votes for the president can be translated into viewers and record book sales.

“All the anti-Trump books have made big bucks, so this from the Donald is a surefire hit,” they added.

Amidst talks that President Donald Trump is eager to start his own TV network to compete with Fox News, which he has repeatedly railed against during his campaign, some right-wing TV outlets are also hoping to get the president on board.

The source added that Simon and Schuster, one of the biggest publishing houses in the country that also regularly publishes Hillary Clinton, was one to watch.

“They publish [Trump’s] last book. CEO Jonathan Karp published several of his books there, and at Random House, and went to Trump’s wedding to Melania,” the source added.

Many books have already been published by so-called insiders attacking the president, containing claims that the president has repeatedly slammed as “lies.”

If President Donald Trump does lose the 2020 election, then he has lots of options on the table. The president is reportedly considering starting a business empire, which would allow him to compete not just with Fox News but also with Mike Bloomberg. The president is also reportedly starting a PAC that will help him advance his agenda within the Republican Party, and may even run again in 2024.