Trump Expected To Sign Executive Order Extending Temporary Halt To Green Cards

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( Restrictions on foreign workers will be extended through the end of the year, as President Donald Trump is expected to sign a new executive order on Monday.

The restrictions, originally put in place back in April as part of measures to stop the spread of coronavirus, will actually be expanded from their initial form. The new executive order is expected to block most people from getting a green card. That’s because it’ll add most guest workers who come to the U.S. for seasonal or temporary work to the list of people who are prohibited.

According to a Politico report, a Department of Homeland Security official and other people who are familiar with the contents of the order said it would include workers in housekeeping, construction and landscaping sectors. Students and agricultural workers will not be included on the list, though.

There will be some broad exceptions as part of the new executive order, including for people who are entering the country as health care professionals, as law enforcement or for a national security reason. Those with economic interests will also be allowed to enter.

On Saturday, Trump told Fox News:

“We’re going to be announcing something tomorrow or the next day on the visas. You need them for big businesses where they have certain people that have been coming in for a long time, but very little exclusion and they’re pretty tight.”

The initial ban was a 60-day “pause” on applications from people to become permanent residents of the United States. There were broad exemptions then for workers who were applying for temporary residencies.

Because the ban is likely to go into effect through the end of the year, immigration in general is likely to be a hot-button topic of the presidential campaigns now leading up to the November general election. Trump made immigration reform a big part of his 2016 campaign, and he’s expected to do so again this time around.

Trump’s initial temporary ban on green cards was seen by a lot of conservatives as not going far enough, because of its broad exemptions for a number of people. As the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, Mark Krikorian, said then:

“Briefly delaying green cards for people, most of whom are already in the U.S. and working, and ignoring work visas doesn’t help U.S. workers and doesn’t ease pressure on hospitals. This looks more like a political gesture than a serious policy move.”

Now, though, with the expansion of the restrictions — plus the fact that they will be extended through the end of the year — it’s possible more conservatives will see this as a serious move to help American workers.

On the flip side, there are some American business owners that are sure to be upset about this, as they continually insist that foreign workers are needed to help their industries thrive. Could these be jobs that should be available to American workers instead, though? We’ll have to wait and see.