Trump Mocks Dem Candidates And Claims Only Victory In Iowa Caucuses

( – Amidst an ongoing Iowa caucus disaster for the Democrats, President Donald Trump has described himself as the “only person that can claim a very big victory” in Iowa. And he’s not wrong.

The Iowa caucus for the Democrats went as badly as it could have done. As a result of a broken app, the votes cast appear to have been completely lost, throwing their counting system in the air and creating speculation that it might be a fix to keep Bernie from winning the nomination.

In a Tweet, the president described the Democrat caucus as an “unmitigated disaster.” And references the $5 billion dollars Obamacare website that crashed and failed on the first day.

This wouldn’t be the first time Democrats messed things up because of dodgy software. Don’t forget the disastrous rollout of the Obamacare website that cost $5 Billion and crashed on the first day.

The President also went on to say that he was the only person who could claim a “very big victory” in Iowa, and again, the facts show he’s right. Donald Trump’s candidacy isn’t confirmed until he has the delegates he needs to confirm he will once again be the Republican candidate for president. He has been up against a number of fringe candidates, including Joe Walsh, but so far hasn’t experienced much in the way of competition. In the Republican Iowa caucus, Trump won with more than 97% of the vote.

Never Trump conservative Joe Walsh was seen attempting to win over voters at the GOP Iowa caucus, asking them if they wanted another four years of the “Donald Trump Show.” His protest was met with a different response than he’d hoped for, with Republicans cheering and whooping. Since then, Walsh has gone on to label the Republican Party a “cult.”

His comments might have more legitimacy if they weren’t coming from someone who had been roundly rejected by those he thought would support him.

Other candidates up against Donald Trump include businessman and real estate developer Rocky De La Fuente, and Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld. You may remember that Weld was the Libertarian Vice President nominee during the 2016 campaign.

President Trump now moves on to the 2020 New Hampshire Republican primary where he is expected, once again, to receive a vast majority of the votes and ultimately become the official Republican candidate for the 2020 presidential election.