Trump Says He DOESN’T Want to Change Election Date

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( Once again, President Donald Trump shook the national media and sent the Democrats into meltdown with a single tweet. On Thursday, President Trump questioned whether it was a good idea to change the date of the November presidential election in order to avoid widespread voter fraud as a result of the Democrats’ push to implementing universal mail-in voting.

On the same day, the president held a press conference in the White House and told the media that he doesn’t actually want to change the date, but that it’s important for the media and Democrats to start talking about the issue.

“No, do I want to see a date change? No,” the president said. “But I don’t want to see a crooked election. This election will be the most rigged election in history, if that happens.”

It comes after the president retweeted a video of a CBS News report that experimented with mail-in voting to see how reliable it was. The channel sent 100 mockup ballot papers to residences across the Philadelphia area, in the same class of mail and same size envelopes that the real ballots would be sent. The experiment saw some 3% of ballots lost in the mail.

If three ballot papers can go missing in every hundred, then it could potentially a sway a tight race – and with this year’s election expected to be tight in many places across the country, voter fraud could potentially sway the election in favor of one side. And let’s face it, it won’t be favorable to President Trump…

President Trump doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to change the date of the election, meaning he is unlikely to be able to change it anyway, but suggests that his comment was an attempt at creating a discussion about the seriousness of voter fraud and the importance of ensuring people can go out and vote safely.

Trump also explained another problem with mail-in balloting being the fact that the country may have to wait days or weeks to find out the result.

“I don’t want to see that take place in a week after Nov 3, or a month, or frankly, with litigation and everything else that can happen, years,” President Trump said.