Trump Smacks Down “Some Wacko In China” After Communist Government Releases Statement

( President Donald Trump dished out some of his harshest words against the Chinese Communist Party yet on Wednesday when he smacked down an unnamed Chinese government official for a statement released about the coronavirus pandemic. Trump dismissed the contents of the statement and once again told the media that he blames the virus outbreak squarely on China.

“Some wacko in China just released a statement blaming everybody other than China for the Virus which has now killed hundreds of thousands of people,” Trump said on Twitter.

“Please explain to this dope that it was the ‘incompetence of China’, and nothing else, that did this mass Worldwide killing!”


It’s a strong statement against communist China, whose government officials continue to deny any role in the outbreak, but it’s unclear who China was talking about. Trump has repeatedly warned the Chinese government that there will be repercussions if they don’t allow experts to investigate the origins of the virus, and has not been shy about calling out Xi Jinping when necessary.

Some have speculated that Trump may have been making a veiled attack against Jinping, however, owing to the fact that the Chinese dictator just gave a speech at the annual World Health Organization conference. This year the conference was held online, and Jinping was given the honor of having the first speaking slot after the host nation.

In his speech, Jinping explained how his country had done everything possible to ensure that the virus was contained and that its people protected against the virus.

It flew in the face of everything other countries know to be true, including the fact that China held back evidence that showed how the virus could be transmitted between humans.