Trump Tells ABC’s Jon Karl “You’re a THIRD RATE Reporter”

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(PoliticalLookout.Com)- It’s not just CNN’s fake news reporter Jim Acosta that President Donald Trump is willing to publicly smackdown. During a White House press briefing on Monday, President Trump slammed ABC reporter Jon Karl as a “third rate reporter.”

Trump was angered by Karl’s suggestion that the Principal Deputy Inspector General, Christi Grimm, was appointed under his presidency. The discussion related to an alleged backlog of coronavirus tests at American hospitals, which some have blamed Grimm for.

Karl originally claimed that Grimm was appointed by Trump, but the president poked and prodded until he finally admitted that Grimm had served in previous administrations.

“How long has that person been in government?” Trump asked Karl.

Karl, admitting he was wrong, said, “She did serve in the previous administration.”

“Oh, you didn’t tell me that!” Trump jibed. “Oh, I see. You didn’t tell me that Jon. You didn’t tell me that she did serve in the previous administration. You mean the Obama Administration. Thank you for telling me that. See, there’s a typical fake news deal.”

Grimm was initially appointed in 1999, having spent decades in government so far.

Assistant Secretary for Health, Brett Giroir, told the press that she doesn’t know Grimm but that if there really was a shortage of tests in the hospital, and she knew about it, he wants to know why he wasn’t informed about it already.

Trump, clearly angry about the suggestion the problem was caused by him and that he was responsible for appointing Grimm, hit back at Karl.

“You’re a third rate reporter, and what you just said is a disgrace, OK?” He said. “You asked me, you said, sir, just got appointed. Take a look at what you said. Now I said, when did they – when did this person – how long in government? Well, it was appointed in the Obama Administration. Thank you very much, Jon. Thank you very much. You will never make it.”


President Trump has repeatedly given tough words to reporters during White House press briefings when he believes they treat him unfairly – and it’s not hard to see why. Even the smallest lies are designed to make the president look bad, and this is the first time a president has not only been at the receiving end of such hostility but been willing to fight back.