Trump WANTS To Run Against Bloomberg, Claims He’s “Buying His Way In”

( – Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined the Democratic presidential race late. Very late.

The billionaire businessman, and poster of weird memes, wasn’t even on the ballot in the New Hampshire primary. Bloomberg chose to stay out of the race officially until Super Tuesday on March 3, allowing Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg to work their way up the ranks without any further competition.

And now, as people speculate that Bloomberg’s tactic could work, the president is taking aim.

On Tuesday, President Trump said during an Oval Office discussion that Bloomberg was “buying his way in” and that he would rather run against him than Sanders.

“Frankly, I would rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders, because Sanders has real followers, whether you like them or not, whether you agree with them or not – I happen to think it’s terrible what [Sanders] says.”

The claim that Bloomberg is buying his way in isn’t hyperbole. Bloomberg previously said he was willing to spend $1 billion of his own money to defeat Trump, and recent reports showed that he was paying social media influencers $150 to say nice things about him online.

Travel and food blogger Alycia Chrosniak told reporters that she was contacted by the Bloomberg campaign team, out of the blue, offering her money to make a post about her support for the candidate.

“It feels weird to put out an ad supporting a person versus a product,” she said, adding that Bloomberg wasn’t her “top choice” in the Democratic race.

His tactic of waiting for the Super Tuesday states to vote all boils down to money, too. Despite entering the race late, he still had time to appear on the New Hampshire and Iowa ballots, but chose not to. Instead, the billionaire candidate poured huge sums of money into these states in the hope of taking other candidates by surprise.

As Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden plummet in the polls, it looks like Bloomberg’s big competition in these states next month will be Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders.

During the same Oval Office discussion, President Donald Trump blasted Bloomberg, saying he is “one of the worst debaters I’ve ever seen.”

“His presence is zero. He will spend his three, four, five hundred million…We will find out what happens” he continued.

If Bloomberg wants to win, he should prepare for a brutal showdown with President  Trump on the debate stage.