U.S. House Passes Spending Bill

(PoliticalLookout.com)- In the name of “unity” and “healing,” the House of Representatives passed an updated budget resolution on Friday that was sent from the Senate, allowing the Democrats to push through with a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package…without the support of a single Republican legislator.

The Senate approved a budget framework after Vice President Kamala Harris cast a deciding vote on Friday morning. The House of Representatives then voted 219-209 to adopt the framework. Every single Republican voted “no,” as the COVID-19 package contains several provisions that have no connection to the pandemic at all.

The Democrats can now avoid a filibuster from the Republican Party and pass the new legislation so long as the Democrats maintain a united front.

Far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with President Joe Biden at the White House on Friday and confirmed that her congressional colleagues would finalize the new aid package before March 14. Which is still months and weeks after President Donald Trump pushed Congress to deliver a simple $2,000 check to every American.

When asked if the COVID aid would be delivered in time, Pelosi told journalists, “Absolutely. Without any question. Before then.”

The next step will see House congressional committee begin drafting the exact details of the new relief package, before sending it to the Budget Committee next week.

The Budget Committee will then take the proposals and craft them into a single bill, ensuring it meets all the necessary requirements to be presented as legislation to the Senate. Under the budget reconciliation process, Democrats will be able to approve the relief bill using a simple majority vote, meaning they won’t need to meet the 60-vote threshold to advance the legislation.

It’s a sly move, but then again, we’re talking about the Democrats here.

When the legislation passes the Budget Committee, it would be taken to the House and Senate for a final vote.

House Speaker Pelosi said that she hopes it will take only two weeks.

“Around that time, we hope to be able to put vaccines in people’s arms and money in people’s pockets,” she said.

Republicans have repeatedly pushed for a simpler relief package that simply gives money to Americans and not much else, but the upcoming Democrat legislation is unlikely to be that simple.